One year ago today…

August 4th, 2015 was the date when our family landed back in Japan.  It has been a year since that day.  There is so much to be said about this past year, but we just want to say “Thanks” to all our friends who have prayed for us.  God has been kind to us both in life and ministry, and we are excited to see how the Lord uses us as we seek to serve Him in Japan.  Here are some of the highlights of the past year.

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Finally, a new post

When we landed at the Narita Airport on August 4th, we did not know exactly how busy we would be as we tried to reestablish ourselves in Japan.

IMG_0184We knew that life would be busy and challenging, but we did not know how tough it might be.  Here we are almost four months later and we still haven’t fully unpacked yet.

Let us give you some of the highlights of our new life and ministry in Japan.  This will be a general update, with more specifics on certain aspects of life and ministry to come in upcoming posts.

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Okada_family smallSince the last post, we have been very busy preparing for this day and wrapping up our three years of life in the US. And the day has finally arrived for us to move back to Japan. As we wrap up the life in the US, I just wanted to make a post, expressing our family’s gratitude to all of you who have been a part of our lives, one way or another. You may call it a little “sentimental” but please forgive me to be a little emotional. Continue reading

Announcing the “BIG DAY”

It has been almost 3 years since we moved back from Japan and began a new phase of life in the US.  Over the past three years, God has showered us with His abundant grace through many of you who have prayed for us, supported us, helped us, and encouraged us.  We are so thankful that we are able to announce to you that we are relocating back to Japan on August 3, 2015.

We will be moving to Tokyo, Japan.  More precisely, we will locate in a city called Higashikurume, which is just outside of central Tokyo.  We are thankful to the Lord as He directed our paths to this particular city, as we searched for a landing spot.  All four children will be enrolled at a Christian International School called “Christian Academy in Japan.”  This will be a great blessing for our children, since they will be able to continue “American Style” education, instead of going to Japanese public schools.  Although there will be many challenges as they go through this transition, we are praying that the Lord will grow them through this and make them even better servants of Christ.

Marcia will be working there at the Christian Academy, starting this coming school year as well.  This is a great benefit for us as it not only allows us to send the children to the school (part of financial aid arrangements), but also gives her an immediate circle of friends and community in which she can minister.  Marcia always dreamed of being a school teacher for missionary kids (to the point that she did her student teaching in Papua New Guinea), so for her, this is somewhat a dream come true as well.  Though Marcia’s transition will be a hard one as well, we are excited to have this new opportunity for her as she moves back to Japan.

I (Daisuke) have finished all my doctoral work and am scheduled to graduate this May with a Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching from The Master’s Seminary.  I will continue to travel many weekends to teach JBA classes and hold seminars at various locations in Japan.

I will fly out to Japan for a couple of weeks of classes and meetings with pastors.  Please pray for the travel safety and good results from these meetings.  I will also try to search for a house for when we move.

Taste the Goodness of the Lord

Three years ago, I remember standing at the Grace Community Church’s campus during the week of Shepherds’ Conference wondering how I would continue to be involved in the ministry to  Japanese.  I was facing a sudden transition.  I was not sure where I would go from there.  All I had was a sense of obligation and responsibility—the subjective call of God—that I knew I needed to pursue teaching and training Japanese believers what I have received from the years of my training in the States.  I knew I needed to pass on what I was taught so that the men of God would arise to proclaim His truth faithfully and accurately as the herald of God.

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Report on the January trip

When I was a little bit younger, it was not so difficult to get back to life after a long ministry trip like this past one.  However, it appears that I have hit the stage of life that I need to take care of my body a little better when I make a hard and demanding schedule for almost a month and a half.  I got bogged down a couple of times by my body not listening to my commands and I finally got quite sick.

Thanks to many who have prayed for Sophie’s fever and Nate’s symptoms.  Sophie recovered quite well in a short time (she was really sick while Marcia was in Japan), and Nate’s symptoms are receding a bit as he is taking meds.  Appreciate ongoing prayers for all of us!

The trip in January was a great trip, especially since I got to share a week of it with Marcia in Japan.  Here is what happened.  Please rejoice and praise God with me as you read.

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2015 is the BIG year!

For a typical Japanese, welcoming a new calendar year is an exciting time.  It signifies renewal, fresh start, and new hope and aspirations to pursue.  For us, this year is an important year in which we are planning to move back to Japan (of course if the Lord wills).  We moved back to the US in June, 2012 and have been praying to see how the Lord directs us in our ministry and life.  During these two and a half years, the Lord kept blessing the training ministry in Japan, despite my long commute from California to Japan.  I practically begun from no place with zero students to teach, but now I have 3 locations with close to 70 students enrolling the lay leadership training class through our training ministry.  While there has been a few bumps on the road, God has truly been good to direct and teach me and my family how good He is.  We are so thankful that many of you have been a part of this process, encouraging us in many different ways.  As I sit at LAX (yes, I am flying out to Japan today), I remember many times I have prayed here at Tom Bradley, that the Lord would use me for the glory of God and the good of His people in Japan.  I am hoping and praying that He will continue to do that as we plan to move back and hopefully expand the ministry in the days and months to come.

Long introduction, but here is what it looks like for the upcoming trip.  Please do pray for me.  A lot of challenges ahead and we need you to intercede for us as we pursue the will of God.

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